Playing Out of Character


Playing Out of Character is an actual play, comedy podcast that uses different, lesser known, games to tell the stories we make. We fill our episodes with goofs, drama, and a fair bit of horror. Currently, we are playing Urban Shadows, but our roadmap extends to Shadows of the Demon Lord and Monster of the Week, with horizons unknown!

The current arc, “System,” is stage one of what we call “The Aether Saga.” System is a retro-futurist noir setting with hints of Lovecraftian horror, taking place on a fictitious world called Tantalus. With vampires and demons, esoteric collectors of the arcane and young wizards corrupted by the promise of power, the System is arc is full of spooks and betrayals, crimes and power struggles, supernatural happenings and shady business deals. We follow Elliot, Magz, Rowan and Leonard through the story as they aid a group known as “the Coalition” in their efforts to collapse the faction system and take down the mega-corporation, UMBRA. Do they do this out of the goodness of their own hearts? Of course not. Everything on Tantalus has a price, and they each have their own motivations for helping the Coalition.

We hesitate on sharing our future story arcs with too much detail, but we will disclose this: Arc 2 will be using Shadows of the Demon Lord, and the setting will be Victorian Fantasy/Horror. We are very excited for this one, and we believe Shadows of the Demon Lord’s mechanics will be excellent for the story. Arc 3 (and the final arc of the Aether Saga) will be using the ever-more-popular Monster of the Week, taking place in a small, fictitious town in modern day Idaho and we are going for a “kids on bikes” styled game, with (you guessed it) horror.

Playing Out of Character is a bi-weekly podcast and is not recommended for the little ears. Consider supporting us on Patreon!

Cast: Gaven Morgan (GM), Taylor Perry (Rowan), Kaleb Morgan (Elliot), Pearson Bolt (Magz), and Tristan McDonald (Leonard)