Advantage is an actual-play, fifth-edition Dungeons & Dragons audio drama, focusing on storytelling and character development. The cast plays a long-form campaign set in a home-brewed world, called the Cusp. The narrative is thoughtful, and tends toward heavier side of the spectrum - a style we have found to be very rewarding.

The robust world-building done by the cast is what sets this show apart from others. During the year of prep before ever sitting down to roll dice or record, each cast member did an intense amount of character creation. The backstories created by this process has ensured that each character is fully embedded into the world and its conflicts, with real knowledge about what life is like as a person on the Cusp.

For the very best experience, it’s recommended that you start from episode 0.1 | In the Beginning, which offers a brief explanation of the universe’s cosmology, and introduces you to the player characters of the story.

The story of Arc One (episodes 1.1 - 1.50) center around religious, cultural, and political conflicts between three major entities: the Empire of the Pandominion who worship the High Gods, the Rock of Visions who aggressively venerate the Primal Spirits, and Isatalos, who is stuck in the middle of two extremes.

We understand that going through a fifty-episode backlog of content is a huge undertaking, so we have made Arc Two (episodes 2.1- ??) an easy on-board point for new listeners. Though the context of Arc One is certainly useful, the beginnings of Arc Two have carefully reintroduced the characters and the world to a new audience. This is a great place to start!

You can find cast and character briefs, world maps, and more on our website,, and more still on the Darkmore Podcast Network Discord channel, where we have posted a ton of otherwise-unseen content. For exclusive access to Discords chats, live streams, and hangouts, we’d love your financial help through our Patreon.

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