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Advantage is an actual-play, fifth-edition Dungeons & Dragons audio drama, focusing on storytelling and character development. The cast plays a long-form campaign set in a home-brewed world, called the Cusp. The narrative is thoughtful, and tends toward heavier side of the spectrum - a style we have found to be very rewarding.


Fun, But Why?

Fun, But Why? is a round-table format podcast where a few game developers discuss the gameplay and design of fun, memorable video games from their past - why were they so fun? Season one features stories of games from the pasts of 6 developers, as Sully and Cardell interview fellow game developers from Boston-based studio Proletariat.


How Friends Roll

How Friends Roll is a fifth-edition, actual play D&D podcast featuring a rotating cast of characters and personalities who hack and slash their way through micro-campaigns designed by Sully. HFR is a beginner-friendly experience, full of fun and laughs as our players try to survive and thrive in Sully’s home-brewed world.

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The Misadventurers

The Misadventurers is a fifth-edition, actual play Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Using this table top adventure as a lens, join Jaz, Jim, Emily and Ella for a lighthearted look at world folklore.