How Friends Roll


HFR is a fifth edition, actual play podcast featuring a rotating cast of characters. Every couple of months, dungeon master Sully (who you might know from Fun But Why?) will wrangle several good friends together and continue a new chapter in his ongoing, home-brewed adventure. How Friends Roll aims to be a beginner-friendly podcast - players and DM try to explain actions clearly and specifically. That said, there is a standing “Pirates Code” rule: remember that the 5e rules are more of what you call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules. Never let a rules question disrupt the pace of play. Always err on the side of having a good time. As a good friend once said: “when you’re done playing DnD, if your face doesn’t hurt from laughing, you’ve done something wrong.”

This show began with a simple premise: Sully wanted to learn how to make a podcast. It seemed easy… anyone can do it, right? That was almost 3 years ago. As it turns out, it’s incredibly difficult and time consuming to produce a podcast - but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Now entering its fifth season, HFR is going strong.

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